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What is it?

A Carers Assessment is simply a discussion with you that will help us understand the physical, emotional and practical impact that caring has on your life and to ensure that your needs are taken into account. This can be carried out at the same time as the assessment of the person you care for, or can be done separately and privately.

As a carer you have a right to have your needs considered when decisions are being made about support for the person you care for. This will include any education, training, work or leisure activity that you would like to take part in.

The Care Act gives new rights to adult carers of adults and also young carers, as well as parent carers of children with additional needs who are approaching adulthood.

Carers Assessments

Who can have a Carers Assessment?

Carers can request an assessment of their own needs as a carer.   The carer's assessment will cover many things, including employment, lifelong learning and your wish to take part in leisure activities. Carers have a right to a separate assessment of their own needs.  A Carer's Needs Assessment acknowledges you as an individual, so you can request yours even if the person you care for has refused all services, or maybe they haven't even been assessed at all

We can support people in their role as carers and help them maintain their own health and well-being by providing a number of services.  We can do this by:

- Providing care and support to the person being cared for
- Providing support directly to the carer
- Providing information on the support people can get from other agencies

What is an assessment?


National eligibility threshold for carers

The Care Act 2014 introduces a national eligibility threshold for carers, which consists of three criteria, all of which must be met for a carer's needs to be eligible. The carers' eligibility threshold is based on identifying: 

- whether a carer's needs are a consequence of providing necessary care for an adult;
- to what extent the carer's needs affect their ability to achieve specified outcomes, or puts their health at risk;
- and whether and to what extent this impacts on their wellbeing.

Carers can be eligible for support whether or not the adult for whom they care has eligible needs. The eligibility determination must be made based on the carer's needs and how these impact on their wellbeing. The determination should be made without consideration of whether or not the adult the carer cares for, has eligible needs.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for information and advice and we are more than happy to provide it to carers. There is no charge for a Carers Assessment but there may be a cost for any support services that we agree you will need to help you continue caring.  If there are any costs these will be confirmed before services start.   If you receive services from a local voluntary organisation these are generally provided free of charge. 

How to get in touch

For carers who feel they need some support in their caring role, the Adult Social Care Team is the first point of contact for all referrals and general enquiries. You can contact them from 8.45am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on (01254) 587547.  In an emergency out of normal office hours contact the Emergency Duty Team on (01254) 587547.

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