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RADAR National Key Scheme

The RADAR National Key Scheme (NKS) offers independent access to disabled people to around 7,000 locked public toilets around the country.

The National Key Scheme (NKS), sometimes known as the RADAR Scheme, was developed because some public toilets designed for disabled people had to be locked to prevent damage and misuse resulting in them being locked. The scheme aims to provide disabled key holders with independent access to the toilets provided for them and increase the likelihood of the facilities being in a useable state.

When a Council joins the scheme, standard locks are fitted to their accessible toilets and keys are made available to people with disabilities. Over 400 local authorities in all parts of the country have now adopted the scheme. In addition to public conveniences, toilets for disabled people provided by a wide range of other public, voluntary and commercial organisations have been fitted with the NKS lock. So it can now be found in shopping centres, country parks, railway and bus stations, bars, motorway service areas and sports venues.

The following toilets in Blackburn with Darwen are part of the RADAR National Key Scheme: 

  • Blackburn Town Hall
  • Blackburn bus station
  • Blackburn train station 
  • The Mall, Blackburn (open trading hours) 
  • Debenhams Store, Blackburn (open trading hours)
  • Gala Bingo Club, Ainsworth Street, Blackburn (open trading hours)
  • The Postal Order, Darwen Street, Blackburn (open trading hours)
  • Witton Country Park, Preston Old Road, Blackburn
  • Boddington Arms, Myerscough Road, Blackburn (open trading hours)
  • Darwen town hall

If you do not have a RADAR key to access these toilets the attendant will be able to help.

You can order a RADAR key here

The RADAR website also sells a book listing all the different National Key Scheme toilets in the UK.

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