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Disabled Go

The Disabled Go website gives detailed access information to thousands of venues across the UK , including shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, universities, hospitals and more.

Detailed information about venue accessibility in Blackburn with Darwen is now available on the Disabled Go website.  Simply visit the website and search for what you are looking for e.g. 'library, Darwen'.  This will then bring up detailed information about the venue's accessibility including photographs and specific details about the facilities, entrances, disabled parking, accessible toilets and much more.

Visit the Disabled Go website


DisabledGo is unique among national access information providers because they:

  • visit and survey every venue on their website in person
  • use a survey method that over 800 groups of disabled people have fed into
  • have a national network of steering groups that guide their work and support the continuous development of their service
  • offer a standardised service - from Aberdeen to Portsmouth their trained surveyors use the same high standards and pan-disability survey template to ensure that all their guides are accurate, reliable and presented in a user-friendly format.

They go the extra mile because disabled people have told them:

  • a venue which self-reports its access can all too often miss, overlook or fail to appreciate the reality of the access they provide
  • the majority of venues do not have the expertise or the time to go into the detail that many disabled people need to have to make an effective judgement about the suitability of access.

Finally because what's accessible for one person is not necessarily accessible for another, Disabled Go's independence means they provide the facts so you can make an informed choice.

DisabledGo gives you more independence and choice.

Disabled Go