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Support into employment - Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a not-for-profit company, with over 20 years experience of delivering innovative and high quality services.

Supported Employment

Supported employment is a way of helping people with a disability or a health condition to think about work, then negotiating the right job for them, and coaching them in the workplace to settle in, make friends and do the job really well. Where people want it, this should be a paid job with proper wages.


Helping people prepare for work

  • We help people to think about what work they could do, and what skills they could bring to a job. We use workplace visits and work experience in ordinary community job settings.
  • We don't think it's helpful to say that people need to be 'job ready'.  If people are motivated to work, we think that's enough. With a supportive employer, lots of people can be trained to do their job well after they start work.
  • We use benefits advisers to help people explore how much they might be better off financially in work.


Helping people to find work

  • We aim to match the right person with the right job by looking at that person's skills and personality, and then matching this with a local employer who needs someone like that.
  • We work with lots of employers, helping them to see the benefits of employing someone with a disability or a health condition.
  • We examine the job role and the workplace to work out how much help the person will need when they start their job, and whether we need to change the job to make it fit the person better.


Helping people to do their jobs well

  • Our job coaches go with people into the workplace to help them settle in and learn the job.
  • We work out how the person can get as much help as possible from inside the workplace. This natural support can come from colleagues who act as buddies or mentors, checklists, colour-coding, prompt systems or technology.
  • If something changes at work, or there's a problem, we go back in to help the person adapt, learn new things or resolve the difficulty.


Helping young people make the transition into employment

Our aim is to help more young people with a disability or a health condition to move into work.

We are working with others in the borough to make sure that, in the future:

  • There is information and advice for young people and their families about: the jobs people with a disability or a health condition can do, the help they can get from Year 9 onwards, individual budgets, support planning, and welfare benefits.
  • All young people get the chance at school to experience work placements.
  • Transition planning, personalisation and supported employment are all linked together.
  • Everyone who needs help to find and keep a job gets the help to make the transition from school, college and learning into employment.


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Bootstrap work to promote independence, increase choice and provide appropriate support to people to enable them to make the most of their abilities.

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