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Edward Street

(01254) 226360

Darwen Resource Centre

Darwen Resource Centre opens Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.  All members of the community are welcome to use Darwen Resource Centre and all facilities are free of charge.

The ground floor is used as a resource area. There is an internet cafe and various rooms used for training and meetings.

The Adult Learning Disability Social Work Team and the Adult Learning Disability Community Nurse Team are based in the centre.

The centre is also used as the base for the Mental Health Community Restart Team.  The Community Restart Team focus on social inclusion as part of a person centred approach to improve a person's health, wellbeing and inclusion in the community.

The centre is used for various clinics for reviews of service users that live in the community. There are also a variety of mental health practitioners and other non-mental health professionals who hold clinics, and offer help and advice.

The services and activities offered at Darwen Resource Centre include:

- Internet café - open to the public 
- Art group
- Clozaril clinic
- Depot clinic

To find out more please contact the centre (contact details below).

The service's aim

The aim of the service is to promote mental wellness.   We focus on promoting service users' independence in order to aid recovery. Our goal is awareness and inclusion. We enable people to get the services they want in a relaxed setting and offer mainstream services such as education, employment, welfare rights and housing advice. Service users find themselves on an equal footing with members of the community, all using the same services in the same setting.

We consult with service users about activities and how the centre is run. We do this through questionnaires and by including service users and carers.

For more information about Darwen Resource Centre please contact us.

How to get in touch

Darwen Resource Centre, Edward Street, Darwen, BB3 1AY.  Tel: (01254) 226360

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