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CONNECT is a ‘smarter travel choices’ campaign to encourage healthier, greener ways of travelling.

CONNECT aims to improve the borough's travel infrastructure giving people more travel options, reducing car usage and lowering carbon emissions.

Through the Connect Project the Communities Co-ordinator can work with unemployed people and community groups to help them access training and employment opportunities.  They can help you put together a personal travel plan to help you travel to work, job interviews or activities.  The team run training courses to help people gain confidence in using public transport, they co-ordinate community walking and cycling events, as well as running tramper activities for people with reduced mobility in Witton Park.

CONNECT also works with businesses through consultation with staff, initiatives and incentives are introduced to help people make informed decisions about the way they commute.

CONNECT also works with educational establishments, residents and commuters to increase awareness of the range of travel options available to them.

To find out more visit the 

CONNECT website

CONNECT's travel choices can help you to save money, keep fit and help lower carbon emissions.