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What are the services?

Social care services in the community are provided to help you remain living independently in your own home.

These include home care and personal support (including night sitting services), telecare equipment and alarms, day care or day services, community meals (also known as meals on wheels) or any meals you may have at a day centres or luncheon clubs, and transport.

Please remember that this information is a general guide only and that in some circumstances different rules will apply.

Paying for services provided in the community

Will I have to pay?

Yes, everybody has to pay something but it very much depends on your own particular financial circumstances. We will look at your finances with you and then we will work out how much you have to pay.

What are the charges?

From 1st April 2020 the charges are as follows:

Fixed charges (everyone has to pay these)

- Meals (at home or at a day centre): £4
- Transport (each journey): £1.80

Other charges (you may be able to get help with these)

- Home care or personal support services: £13.96 an hour
- Full day session at a day centre: £34.12 (this does not include meals or transport)

Can I get help with the cost?

Everyone has to pay the cost of any meals or transport but you may be able to get help with the other charges. We will help you fill out a financial assessment form to see if you qualify for financial support. To get a rough idea of costs use our online calculator to carry out a quick, confidential financial self assessment.

How much will I pay for services?


We will take into account any pensions you receive, Income Support, the Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit, Attendance Allowance, the care component of Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment and other social security benefits. We then take off an amount for your living costs and look at how much is left.

We do not count any wages or salary you may receive or the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance, War Disability Pension, War Widows Pension, War Widows Supplementary Pension or the Savings Credit part of Pension Credit.

We do take into account any savings you may have. If you have savings over £23,250 you will have to pay the maximum contribution towards the cost of any services you receive. Any savings between £14,250 and £23,250 will also be taken into account when we decide how much you will have to pay.

Click here to view our 'Fairer Charging Policy' which tells you more about how we calculate people's contributions to their care costs. 

Examples of how we calculate charges

Here are some examples of how we calculate social care charges for people over 60, but as each person's circumstances are different (e.g. benefits, savings, outgoings etc), it's best to contact the Income and Assessment team for a financial assessment:

  • - Savings over £23,250 = self funding 


  • - Single person basic income of £173.75 with no outgoings, no attendance allowance, no savings and no private pension would be £0.00. 


  • - Single person basic income of £173.75, low rate attendance allowance of £60, no private pension, no outgoings, no savings = £40.27 per week 


Will I have to sell my house?

No, you will not have to sell the house you live in to pay for any services that you receive. However, if you own any other land or property, we will take the value of this into account.

Useful information

Adult Social Care charges letter April 2021

Useful contacts

Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council (Adult Social Care Finance Team)
Address: 4th Floor, Duke Street, Blackburn, BB2 1DH
Phone: (01254) 588842

Age UK Blackburn with Darwen
Address: 4 King Street, Blackburn
Phone: 01254 266620
Fax: 01254 266621

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