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Living safely at home

For many people moving safely around their home is an ongoing problem and accidents like falls can have serious consequences. These problems can be due to illness, sight or hearing loss, a physical or learning disability or just growing older and finding it harder to move around.

equipment to help you

There's a range of equipment available to help you to stay living independently in your own home.

image of hand on walking frame


We can provide a range of telecare equipment that can give you and your carers peace of mind.

image of emergency alarm button

major equipment and adaptations

Major adaptations such as stair lifts and ramps can help you remain living independently in your own home.

image of a lady on a stairlift

help with walking

If you are finding it difficult to walk around inside your home there are a number of walking aids available.

image of hands

someone to help you

If you are unable to move safely around your home, even with mobility equipment, you could get help from a care worker.

image of worker helping lady