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Taking medicines

Many people forget to take prescribed medicines, or take them in the wrong way, which can put their health at risk.

There are many ways in which you can be supported to take your medicines.  This support can ensure you continue to take the right medicine, in the right amount, at the right time.

If you receive a package of care with daily visits to your home, then your care worker may also be able to help you to open containers and help you order repeat prescriptions from either your GP practice or local pharmacy.

Your local pharmacy can also offer you help with reminder charts, larger type labels and containers, easy open tops on bottles and other similar aids. 

Your GP practice also has a pharmacist working with their surgery who can provide you with additional advice and support to take your medicines.

There is also an online self assessment system to help you to identify equipment which can help you manage your medicines. 

Online self assessment for equipment 


Message in a Bottle (Data Link)

Message in a Bottle (Data Link) is a scheme that gives the emergency services and health professionals details about your health, the medication you take and who to contact in an emergency.  You can find out more about Message in a Bottle here.

If you think you might need support to take your medicines; that includes tablets, creams, eye drops or inhalers, you should contact your GP practice or local pharmacy for advice.

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